If you use your iPad for work, have we got a haul for you. DocStoc has just dumped a massive hoard of iPad apps for business users onto the App Store, and they’re all free.

The apps will also work on your iPhone. Each one contains premium content — how-tos and articles, mostly — for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Also, the suite features expert video courses, guides, and templates for creating common business documents. Some of the content might seem a little lightweight (“How to Network,” anyone?), but at the low, low price of free, it’s worth a gander.

Examples of apps we think most SMB folks (especially first-time entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, wannapreneurs who haven’t taken the plunge yet, and tinkerer/hackers) would appreciate include a legal and copyright toolkit, an accounting starter guide, a library of templates, a design kit, and a guide to prototyping and building a physical product.

Here are a few screenshots we grabbed from a range of apps in the suite:

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“DocStoc launched the most robust selection of free apps that contain premium content to kickstart our larger strategy of creating original courses to teach business owners how to do things that are vital to grow their business,” said Jason Nazar, CEO and founder of Docstoc, in a release today.

Also, a company rep noted, DocStoc has integrated a new bookshelf feature via iBooks to let its users surf between its apps and content more easily. Much of the apps’ content was previously available through DocStoc’s paid subscription plans; the free apps are unlocking this content for the public.

Docstoc was founded in 2007 and claims more than 25 million registered users. The startup has raised $4 million in venture funding to date.

Image courtesy of olly, Shutterstock