Konami E3 Battle brackets

Developer Konami is counting down to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show (which will take place in Los Angeles from June 5-7) with a tournament-style contest between its most popular heroes and villains. Starting today, fans can exercise their “who would win in a fight?” muscles by voting in the first round of the E3 Character Battle, and these votes will determine which combatants will move on.

Since announcing the final contestants last week, Konami has allowed fans to project their own winners. Correct guesses earn more points in later rounds, and the person with the most points at the end of the tournament will be crowned “the ultimate Konami E3 fan,” although what exactly that means is currently unknown. Bracket submissions closed with the start of voting.

While it’s too late to turn in your own bracket for the contest, you can still play along at home and maybe get an office pool going — provided your office is full of people who have a real stake in the relative martial prowesses of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow protagonist Gabriel Belmont and the cutesy hide-and-seek-loving¬†Elebits.

We’ve collected all of the contestants, Pok√©mon-style, in the gallery below. Who do you want to win?

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