A “Game of the Year Edition” release for a successful title almost seems like a requirement these days, but developer Tripwire Interactive looks to change the common perspective of this model with its own version. Rather than repackage the original game with already available downloadable content bundled in (as is the norm), it has chosen to create a free and rather substantial content update for all new and existing players of its PC first-person shooter, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

The update looks to bring a wealth of new features and options to everyone, from the green recruit to the hardened veteran. These include an “Action” mode designed introduce beginners to the sometimes unforgiving world of Tripwire’s shooters, a “Classic” mode for those who preferred the series’ first outing, as well as a new map and multiple fixes and improvements.

If players still aren’t ready to jump into battle, or they simply haven’t heard of the title, the developers have one more announcement for such an audience: Starting on Thursday, May 24, Red Orchestra 2 will be free to play through the Steam online-distribution service until Sunday, May 27. While it could be considered a somewhat niche shooter, this allows even the greatest skeptic to try out a solid game with the only expenses being temporary hard drive space and the time to play.