"This Masked Miscreant
WANTED FOR THE MURDER OF VARIOUS INDIVIDUALS OF NOTE” reads the promotional wanted poster for the up and coming Bethesda title ‘Dishonored’.
This October you will be taking on the role of a masked assassin named Corvo out for blood in a neo-victorian steampunk dystopia. In a debut trailer released in April it is revealed that Corvo was once a guard for an Empress but found closest to her at her death and therefore marked as her murderer, hence the name Dishonored. The trailer begins in a prison cell, a familiar place for stories to start if you are a fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. A mysterious figure approaches a shackled Corvo and gives him an alternative to execution, a chance for revenge…and who doesn’t love a bloody steampunk revenge story? As any Bethesda published title, Dishonored is generating a lot of buzz in the gaming world and will be something to look forward to this October. Here is a link to the trailer and the super flashy Dishonored website.
The wanted poster