Moving to where the desktop PC market is hot, Dell is launching several new All-in-One computers for consumers today.

The new machines are targeting consumers looking for family entertainment machines that fit in a smaller, uncluttered space. These machines, which combine a monitor and computer in one flat-panel device, are increasingly popular as old-style desktops go by the wayside.

The products include the Dell XPS One 27, a 27-inch PC that is Dell’s largest All-in-One ever, the Inspiron One 23 (with a 23-inch screen), and the Inspiron One 20 (with a 20-inch screen). The devices are slim and reflect Dell’s newfound emphasis on design aesthetics. The designs are reimaginings of prior All-in-One designs that focus on energy efficiency and performance.

The 27-inch is aimed at creative users who want a big-screen experience. It has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 in full high-definition. The widescreen format works with movies, games, photos, and digital content creation. It has optional discrete graphics from Nvidia, Waves Maxx Audio 4, and Infinity-branded speakers. It has a metallic silver color housing, a single “clutter free” cord design, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and Intel’s new generation of quad-core processors.

The Inspiron models use the latest Intel processors. The XPS One 27 starts at $1,399 and is available today in Asia and in the U.S. in the coming weeks. The Inspiron models are $749 for the Inspiron One 23 and $529 for the Inspiron One 20.

Dell chose not to put touchscreens on its All-in-Ones as rival Hewlett-Packard has done with some of its models.