Countries in Asia and the Indian subcontinent are far outpacing the U.S. and Europe when it comes to tech adoption, according to stats published today by analyst demigod Mary Meeker.

The report shows massive growth, both in data-capable cell phones and Internet adoption, in countries like Japan, China, the Philippines, India, and Korea. While the U.S. is still leading in the total number of 3G mobile subscribers and the total number of Internet users for a single country, it’s clear that other regions are gearing up to swipe those titles, and fast.

Meeker’s research also shows a disturbing trend, however: Very slow mobile and Internet growth in the developing world. Throughout Africa and South America, in some of the areas that most need better access to life-changing information, Internet adoption has lagged.

For example, Nigeria is the only country from both of those continents to make the top-10 list for Internet adoption, access, and population penetration. Today, only about one third of Nigeria’s citizens have Internet access.

And only four countries from these two regions (Nigeria again, South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil) are in the top-30 list of countries for 3G mobile penetration, and percentage penetration ranges from six to 21 percent in these countries.

Here’s a visual breakdown of Meeker’s spredsheets, courtesy of your friendly spreadsheet jockeys at VentureBeat:

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Graphics by Jolie O’Dell. Top image courtesy of Supri Suharjoto, Shutterstock