Business intelligence app-maker MeLLmo, the creator of ultra-hot business iPad app Roambi, has launched a new app-building platform called ESX that will let other companies tap Roambi’s ability to make data gorgeous and accessible.

Roambi ESX will give companies that sell data for a living a way to create co-branded iPad apps without hiring design teams. ESX will let business create specialized publications that include text, images, Roambi data visualizations, and video and then publish the whole thing to the iPad.

The target audience for the platform will be the many small and large firms that collect and distribute data, Quinton Alsbury, MeLLmo’s president of product innovation, told VentureBeat. Ideally, many research firms would want to offer an iPad application that enhances their data sets, but many of these firms don’t want to pay for the development costs or hiring a mobile team. If they decide to use Roambi ESX, Alsbury said, it makes their lives easier and could be a boon for sales.

“There are hundreds of thousands of small niche research shops, and many of those will find this relevant and important,” Alsbury said. “One day, many apps in the App Store will be powered by Roambi.”

Specifically, Roambi wants to go after these types of companies with ESX:

• Information Publishers: syndicated research, market analysis, economic trends
• Marketers: interactive marketing brochures, newsletters, consumer behavior reports
• Corporations: corporate responsibility reports, investor reports, sales reports

MeLLmo said it will not be releasing pricing for access to the platform and that “interested parties can contact a Roambi salesperson for more information.”

San Diego, Calif.-based MeLLmo raised $30 million from Sequoia Capital this past September. Alsbury said ESX will help the company take advantage of its momentum in the market and help the company expand beyond simply making striking business intelligence applications.

Photo credit: MeLLmo