Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, the upcoming Dishonored is one of the few must-buy games of the year (so far). But the decision of where to purchase it on launch day just got a lot more complicated, as Bethesda has unveiled each of the exclusive preorder packs offered from various retailers.

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Amazon: Backstreet Butcher Pack

Bone Charm bonuses:

  • Fencer: Sword vs. sword advantage
  • Fire Water: Increased whiskey bottle explosions
  • Blast Resistant: Reduced explosive damage taken

Wolfhound in-game statue: +1 Bone Charm slot

500 bonus coins

Walmart: Acrobatic Killer Pack

Bone Charm bonuses:

  • Raven: Health bonus for drop-down assassinations
  • Quick Dodge: Bolt/arrow-dodging bonus
  • River Affinity: Increased swimming speed

Hagfish in-game statue: +1 Bone Charm slot

500 bonus coins

Best Buy: Shadow Rat Pack

Bone Charm bonuses:

  • Delicate Touch: Breaking glass noise reduction
  • Voyeur: Keyhole peeking magnification
  • Deep Breather: Underwater breathing capacity bonus

Golden Rat in-game statue: +1 Bone Charm slot

500 bonus coins

Whale Oil USB Lamp

GameStop: Arcane Assassin Pack

Bone Charm Bonuses:

  • Void Channel: Powers duration/damage bonus
  • White Rat Friend: White rats not hostile
  • Gutter Feast: White rat consumption for mana

Whale in-game statue: +1 Bone Charm slot

500 bonus coins

Tarot cards

Target: Smartphone decal

That’s all Target gets.

We’re not especially keen on substantial in-game content and bonuses like this being impossible to obtain without buying five different copies of the same game. We know why publishers and retailers do it, but the customers and fans suffer for it.

GamesBeat has inquired with Bethesda about whether the preorder bonuses will be released as downloadable content, either on launch day or after a timed exclusivity window, as many other games have done. We will update this article with any additional information.

Check back next week for our hands-on preview with Dishonored.