E3 undoubtedly has recently made me realize that I am going to be poor for the next year or two. Why you ask? Because I have already found a bundle of video games that were shown that makes me want to eat my sofa because I feel that if I have to wait even one more day I will implode! IMPLODE.


So, today I decided to compile a list of games that I cannot wait to get my little paws on and why. Hopefully E3 isn't just teasing me with pretty trailers and game play (though it's very likely.) and the games will actually be as good as they look. Hopefully…Because right now I want to shove my entire paycheck into every video game company's mouth.

Here we go!


Devil May Cry 5

RD: 1/15/2013?

Engine: Unreal Engine 3

Preference: PS3


This game is probably the number one game I will be waiting eagerly for. Devil May Cry has proven to be an entertaining game to me time and time again. Though I often crinkle my nose when I series like this sports a new main character (the third for the matter) I see some potential in this dashing young lad. This new Dante already proves to be entertaining to me. Most likely because I have a thing for smart-ass guys. But that's neither here nor there. He looks halarious

Relievingly, the game play still looks the same with the dual wielding of your trusty guns and a sword.  Along with a harem of new weapons (like that grapling thing! Seriously what is that?) I'm ready to start smashing demons into oblivion and doing insanely impossible things with my body. Funny, when they showed Dante going into what appears to be his devil mode, I almost mistook him for Dante from the first 3 games. Silly me. I wonder if he's other Dante's son? Probably. He's a smart-ass like him.

As usual the visual graphics for the game look great. Something about it that did catch my eye however was how the facial structures of the characters move with what they are saying, even to the point of being able to see Dante's little nose crinkle up when he says something. To others that might not mean anything but to me that's pretty impressive and makes me more anxious (if possible) than I already am.

I'm really also looking forward to finding out who the Order is. Guy in the mask number one. Vergil? Maybe. Too soon to tell. Capcom weasles its way into my wallet once again.

Wallet; -$60


Tomb Raider

RD: 3/5/2013

Engine: Crystal Engine

Preference; PS3


Wow…What did I just watch? I feel like I was just thrusted into the most amazing action/survival I've ever seen. Oh, Square Enix you never fail to please me (Unless we're talking about FFX-2) From what I've seen from the trailer and the game play it looks stunning.


The graphics are pretty easy on the eyes. The Lara's character seems incredible. Game play is tense! Hunting, sneaking around baddies and sliding down waterfalls of death while dodging debris? Yes please. The survival aspect I think appeals to me the most and personally am I fan of being able to snipe people from long distances when I'm just not feeling too close and cuddly.


Definately looking forward to seeing how this plays out with cult like activity apparently going on on the island. I'm curious to see just how many of your stranded comrades fall victim. Maybe you will too? Watching these trailers makes my heart pound and kick starts my adrenaline for sure. You best bet that I'll be dishing out money to Sony and Square for this one.


Wallet: -$120


Assassin's Creed 3

RD: 10/30/2012

Engine: AnvilNext

Preference: PS3 or Xbox


I know there might be some of you staring at your computer screen saying "Oh, god. Really? Assassin's Creed?" Quiet, you.


Assassin's Creed was originally a game that I got bored of very quickly. There was just something about shuffling aroun Italy and jumping in haystacks every 5 seconds that just drove me insane. So, after a few days of playing I finally gave up and called it quits. But then…This trailer arose from the ashes and I may be willing to put my faith in these games once more.


First of all you're FINALLY out of Italy. Thank the Gods. Italy is so stuff anyway. I had actually been pondering if they were ever going to bring these games into a different continent but never did I expect that Colonial America was going to be where they would head. I think maybe the story above all is what caught my attention.


Already seeming to shy away from the ninja-ness of the first few games this one seems to have a just run up and kill it vibe to it. I dig it. I imagine there will be some level of sneaking around (or just running through people's houses) but for now I'm content with slaughtering our British forefathers. However, the game promises smoother motions of the character and new controls for movement such as better climbing and the ability to slide under things. If it keeps to it promises and maybe a little less from the sneaky-sneaky I most definately will be picking this up. FOR AMERICA!


Wallet: -$180


Kingdom Hearts 3D

RD: 07/31/2012

Preference: 3Ds


I thought I had lost all hope in this series for a while. That however could have just been from the last KH game I played being Re:COM the battle system was horrible and I most definately wasn't fond of it's weak storyline. I had all but given up on our good friends Sora, Riku and Roxas, then I saw this trailer.


First, KH is known for its magical line up of Disney and Final Fantasy/other characters. So, after this caught my attention I had to watch to see what new things were being added in. I have to say I was impressed to see Neku (The world ends with you) in the line up. Which if you haven't looked up the game already, do so. It's fantastic. And the Tron world looks awesome!


The game is going to be split between Sora and Riku in parallel worlds. Not sure what all that is going to entitle exactly but I am pretty convinced that it is going to be something like HK2 when you switched back and fourth between Sora and Roxas. Eitherway it looks like it's shaping up to be an experience and maybe it will be good enough to redeem my love of KH. Will I be picking it up? Most likely.


Wallet: -$240


Dead Space 3

RD: 02/2013

Preference; PS3


Ah, Dead Space. All the creepiness I hate to love. Here we have finally gotten away from that god forsaken Ishimura ship, but as fate would have it we landed on hell. Seriously, what could be worse than a necromorph break out on a PLANET. It being on the Sprawl was bad enough!


Isaac returns once again to fight of the gangly monsters but this time you can play with a buddy! I think that's kind of fun. Kind of. If fun were you know, hacking the limbs off of grotesque monsters that spread their illness faster than the zombie plague. I also don't agree with people saying that with a two player mode it will take away from all the scary/creepiness of Dead Space. No, I've played these games. I'm fairly certain that it's creators have found all sorts of cruel ways to scare the crap out of you regardless of whether you're playing with a friend or not.


This game also adds another new element. In this game you will not only be fighting of the space zombies, but also people on the planet that you are prancing around on. Yay. Because nothing quite completes the suckiness of fighting off Necromorphs like taking a bullet or two right in the ass from your own species. Watching the gameplay for this does however concern me. I hope that they stay away from what appears to be the start of a FPS gameplay and stick to their basics.


The game is also a little bit more free to explore. It offers the occasional trip into space and into other various parts of the planet that you may not be on a mission to see. In other words if you get curious about a place try and take a look. You're not stuck to one direction and storyline like in 2 and 3. But I'd be careful. Necromorphs, necromorphs everywhere.


I am excited to see how this plays out but I am kind of a coward jumpy player when it comes to horror survival games. Chances are I'm going to by this game then sit back and watch as my roommate beats it and I enjoy all of the story while simultaniously trying to find a way to sleep at night.


Wallet: -$300


Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Engine: Frostbite 2

Preference: Xbox or PS3


After spending many nights with my roommates up playing Battlefield 3 until the sun comes up, this one definately grabs my attention! It's like BF3 on steroids and I can't wait for this game.


Those familiar with BF3 know about the four classes you can pick up and use through out the game to do various things. It can be oodles of fun with just those four. Now imagine THIRTEEN. That's right. THIRTEEN. They include factions from Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, the U.K. and the good old U.S.A. Each of these has it's own set of specialties and skills useful to different situations.


The gamplay looks intense as combat insues from close up or far away. The graphics look very crisp and clear as you toggle from shooting your gun to operating other types of equipment such as little robots or mortars.


I really don't have much more to say on this other than that I love the number of class changes available with this game and I am certainly looking forward to playing them all!


Wallet: -$360


Borderlands 2

RD: 9/18/2012

Engrine: Modified Unreal Engine 3

Preference: PS3


Last but most definately not least here it is Borderlands 2! I had been hoping for sometime that they would make a sequel to this game and the gods answered my prayers and sent down this little number from Claptrap heaven!


Five years after the events of Borderlands we pick up with a new set of heroes. Axton (Turrets), Zero (duplicates and turns invisible), Maya (Phaselock siren) and Salvador (DUAL WIELDING GUNS!!!!!!) are here to collect some fat loots and hunt down your old team to defeat a mister Handsome Jack.


Dual. Wielding. Guns. That alone makes me want to pick up this game as it is included with the fact that the game randomly generates guns. So you could be toting around a pretty badass arsenal! Also, apparently they bumped up the AI in the baddies so they have multiple ways to get to you. That's right, no more hiding on a convienently placed ramp from a psycho trying to stick a hatchet in your damn near empty health bar (and then waiting until he explodes.) No. They WILL find you. Luckily, you are going to have a big wad of skills to pick from.


Being a big fan of the series I'm really excited to see what kind of bad guys, guns, and environments Gearbox has cooked up for us this time! Looking forward to the new classes (Mostly Zero's and Salvador's) and ready to create all sorts of carnage!


On a side note they are also releasing a collectors edition that comes with a loot box. How awesome is that?? Awesome enough that I'm going to waste the money on it!



So, that bring's us to an end with my wallet spilling out a grand total of somewhere around $520 dollars (Because seriously! How can you pass up that chest!) I really have to say that this year's video game line up is looking incredible. I'm hoping to see some awesome new things in the future as well and hoping these games are going to be worth listening to my wallet weeping for the next year or so. I'll probably also be writing more about some other games and systems (Like the WiiU and ZombiU) but for now I think my hands are going to fall off!


Happy gaming!! :)