My phone is full of pictures of the dishes I try at new restaurants, and now these tasty shots have a place to go beyond my SD card. Previously available on the iPhone, Evernote Food launches Thursday for Android devices. Use the app to document your meals in  pictures and words. It will then back up that info to Evernote’s main note-keeping service.

Being a photo-obsessed foodie, I wish this app was around during my European travels, which were full of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Memories of pasta in Italy, pastries in France, and Thai food in London would live on in my Evernote account, not just in my brain.

The app uses your smartphone camera to capture the location, details, and photos of your favorite meals. Using Foursquare data, the app records the location of the restaurant or café where you’re enjoying your unforgettable meal. You can tag each post by cuisine, memorable event, or even ingredients to help you remember the experience and tastes when you want to reminisce (or maybe it’s just me that still thinks about what I ate in a café in Paris when I was 15).

Because we can’t help but share everything we do, especially what we eat, you can share your posts to other social network apps already on your phone. I know I’m guilty of tweeting pictures of my meals.

Food lets you capture each item from a meal and lump them together in one meal note. Once you take a picture and start to tag your meal, the app will display related notes of what it thinks might be related to your post, such as a recipe stored in Evernote.

Evernote Food is available for free in the Google Play store. It joins another app from the company that recently came to the Android side, Evernote Hello.

French pastry image via Flickr user Mike & Anna