A major hurdle in the job market these days isn’t the lack of jobs, but the lack of talented people to fill the vacant spots. Recruitment platform WillbeHired launches today with a $1 million seed round of funding to help fill these jobs with qualified, talented people.

“An estimated 1.6 million jobs are anticipated to be created over the next year, plus the natural transience of professionals, all demonstrate that WillbeHired is exactly what the market needs — the ability to discover the right person for the right job quickly,”  WillbeHired co-founder Thor Culverhouse said in a statement.

WillbeHired uses a collaborative platform to find, interview, and assess a potential job candidate. The service focuses on recruiting top talent and making it easy to entice them to come to your company. WillbeHired believes that covetable professionals want a balance between work and home life, so it helps businesses show off the value and perks of taking a job with them.

However, the service also has features for people who applying for a job as well. Every applicant gets a score based on how well their skills match up with the job description. Companies can also conduct video interviews and score the applicant after talking to them face to computer.

Unnamed private investors led the $1 million convertible note seed round. When WillbeHired raises its first institutional round of funding, the note will convert into equity for the company.

Willbehired is based in Denver, Colo.

Job applicants image via Shutterstock