Twitter for Facebook integration has been dramatically improved with auto-tweets shared to the social network now featuring photos and links, as well as linked mentions and hashtags, all carried over from your original tweet.

The richer Facebook connection, first noticed by The Next Web, actually went live in late May, a company spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat. Twitter users can also now opt to post their tweets to Facebook Pages. Previously, users who linked their Twitter accounts to Facebook would auto-post far more bland text-based messages lacking the additional Twitter photo, URL, and hashtag context.

“The updated Twitter for Facebook integration now includes additional rich media experiences related to the first photo, URL, @mention or #hashtag in the cross-posted Tweet,” the spokesperson said.

While the implications of the enhancements are not earth-shattering, Twitter should notice an uptick in traffic from people clicking through on content and landing at Twitter’s website. History tells us, especially in the case of Instagram, that the richer the content posted to Facebook, the better the click-through traffic and network effect. Whether the integration converts Facebook users into Twitter members, remains to be seen.

Twitter users who previously linked their accounts to Facebook will need to disconnect and reconnect to activate the new features, according to Twitter’s support page.

Twitter’s Facebook application has 9.9 million monthly users. The information network, as a whole, has 140 million monthly active users.

Photo credit: jonah grant/Flickr