Dell is launching three new Vostro brand laptops today for security-minded businesses. The laptops are targeted at the fast-growing enterprise laptop market and they show that Dell is serious about targeting business users.

The new models include the Dell Vostro 3360, 3460, and 3560 laptops. They are designed to be easy to configure, maintain, and use. They will go up against Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops.

“Growing a business takes more than just hardware; you need to have a solid support system in place to scale and succeed,” said Sam Burd, vice president, Dell Personal Computing Product Group. “The Vostro product family enables emerging businesses to grow and thrive in competitive environments. Our end-to-end solution is the reason why so many of our Vostro customers recommend the products to their friends, family and colleagues.”

The laptops come with 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch screens and come in three colors: Aberdeen silver, Brisbane Bronze and Lucerne red. They include options for third-generaton Intel Core processors. The 3360 has a 4-cell battery and the 3460 and 3560 have 6-cell batteries.

They include a high-definition webcam and microphone, Waves MaxxVoice Pro, Bluetooth 4.0 and optional 4G LTE mobile broadband (for the Vostro 3360 and 3460). The 3360 is just 0.76 inches thick. All three laptops use a 32 gigabyte flash memory SSD card.

Fingerprint readers are standard. The machines also have file and folder encryption via DigitalPersona File Protection software, and Trend Micro security software.

The Vostro 3560 laptop is available now on, starting at $599. The Vostro 3360 (starting at $649) and Vostro 3460 (starting at $599) will be available from June 21.