Star Wars: The Old RepublicFree character transfers are now available in BioWare’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic for players stuck on low population servers.

Although SWTOR managed to snare 1.7 million active subscribers in the early days of its launch, publisher Electronic Arts recently revealed in a quarterly earnings report that the game has lost 400,000 subscribers since February. BioWare says transfers are now necessary to “maintain population balance across the service and create a better overall gameplay experience.”

BioWare says only select servers will offer free transfers initially to prevent potential server load issues. A small number of the lowest population servers will get first dibs. More will be added gradually, and will be listed as they become available at

To qualify for a free transfer, a player cannot have a banned account, and the character being transferred cannot be a guild master. More information on the character transfer process is on the official SWTOR website.