Halfbrick, the developer behind the games Fruit Ninja and Jet Pack Joyride, wants to get in on the sweet marking success its competitor Rovio enjoys with Angry Birds tie-in products.  With the help of HAP consulting, a brand-licensing firm, Halfbrick hopes to launch its own line of Fruit Ninja accessories.

“Since Fruit Ninja is already an international phenomenon, we thought it was crucial to expand the brand’s reach and engage our fruit-slicing fanatics around the world,” Halfbrick CEO Shainiel Deo said in a statement. “We have handpicked some of the best consumer product companies in the international marketplace and look forward to unveiling our line-up to old and new fans.”

Fruit Ninja is available on iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices, as well as Xbox Live Arcade. According to Apple’s top 25 most-downloaded paid apps, Fruit Ninja ranks second, just behind Angry Birds. Halfbrick also claims the game has had over 300 million downloads across all mobile app stores. With that information in mind, it seems that Fruit Ninja has a considerable installed base, one that might be receptive to tie-in products like what Rovio sells.

Angry Birds is everywhere. Retailers the world over carry a variety of Angry Birds toys, clothes, candies, and accessories. You can even buy bandages with the game’s signature pigs and birds on them. Halfbrick plans to release similar products with the help of international manufacturers in both Europe and Asia. In the coming months, you’ll likely see Fruit Ninja-branded toys, augmented reality apparel (whatever that means), mouse pads, USB desk lamps, wallets, shoes, and cell phone charms.

European partners:

  • Play by Play Toys & Novelties
  • Poetic Gem

Asian Partners:

  • Shenzhen Vicky Technology & Trade Co.
  • Letao
  • Nokia

It’s interesting that Halfbrick hasn’t announced any partnerships with candy manufacturers. Angry Birds lends itself more to toys than gummies, but you can buy boxes of gross, bird-shaped sweets if you want to. Fruit Ninja could turn into an excellent candy, especially if the end product was more like General Mills Gushers snack. Since the game is all about slicing juicy fruit, it makes sense that each gummy would burst in your mouth like mercilessly slaughtered oranges.