We’re hearing that Metacafe, the not-quite-as-successful-as-YouTube video site, has been bought by The Collective, a full-service entertainment management company in Hollywood.

All Things D is reporting the deal is “essentially completed.” Terms of the deal, including the fate of Metacafe itself as a destination, have not yet been disclosed.

The Collective already has experience in online video; it represents and manages the “talent” behind YouTube hits such as the Annoying Orange, iJustine, Shane Dawson, Freddie Wong, and Lucas Cruikshank, a.k.a. Freddie Figgelhorn.

But the agency has also got its hands deep in mainstream media, from rock god Slash, Chris Cornell, Enrique Iglesias, Eddie Izzard, Andy Dick, and a whole slew of other stars, including songwriters and screenwriters whose names you wouldn’t know but whose work is well-known around the globe.

Metacafe has been pretty quiet for the past few years. The company launched a Facebook Timeline app earlier this year; however, if it saw any great success from that endeavor, we certainly didn’t hear about it. While apps like Viddy, Vevo, and Dailymotion reported huge growth from Timeline apps, no one has said peep about Metacafe’s progress on the platform.

Back in Metacafe’s heyday, the site was rumored to be in acquisition talks back in 2006 from a healthy $200 million. However, the site has fallen far since then and currently claims just a few million unique monthly viewers.

You can see Metacafe’s downward spiral in this Alexa chart (note the brief blip in early 2012; that would be the Timeline app’s launch):

Top image courtesy of Alex Kosev, Shutterstock