Kobo’s Vox isn’t the most popular eReader in the pack, but it may have just one-upped the cool kids.

Kobo is finally opening up the device to the full Google Play Store, a move that the company hopes will broaden the Android-based tablet’s appeal in comparison to the Nook Color and Kindle Fire. The move comes as Kobo continues to position the Vox as more of a multimedia tablet rather than simply an eReader.

Previously, Kobo had limited the Vox to a select 15,000 apps, but with the expansion, the tablet will have access to Google Play’s entire 500,000 app catalog.

App curation to increase the quality of available apps is a strategy the Nook Color and Kindle still emply. Limiting app selection works when you’re a front-runner, but for a third-place device like the Vox, having access to only 15,000 apps rather than 500,000 becomes a liability, not a feature.

While Kobo’s decision is certainly a talking point for the company, it’s pretty unlikely that this move will make much of a difference in the end — at least not on its own. But with the Kindle and Nook dominating, every advantage helps.