Happy Friday, nerdosaurus! Twitter was blowing up this week when LeVar Burton made a surprise appearance at WWDC to announce …

Well, we can’t tell you exactly what he’s announcing just yet, but we did get the full story from Mr. Burton himself. Here’s a sneak peek from that interview, as well as a wrap-up from WWDC.

We’ll be showing you the rest of our full interview with LeVar “Don’t Call Me Geordi” Burton next week.

In the meantime, here’s our full roundup of WWDC news in text and pictures. Also this week, we covered some crazy news about a new version of Google Chrome for Windows 8.

Finally, don’t forget to pick up your tickets for MobileBeat 2012. Because the Kiss/Motley Crue summer tour ain’t coming to the Bay Area, so you might as well sign yourself up for the next best thing: Mark Pincus in a tube top. (We’re still negotiating the tube top part, but our hopes are high.)