One of the greatest fighting games.

Fighting games are one of the most unique genres in the video game industry. A good fighting game has depth, only by practicing you become better than most. You learn how to time your attacks or how to connect moves together in order to punish your opponent. It's been this way since the rise of the arcade titles Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat. 

Fighting games evolved over time, blocking became something that could be mastered, combos could be combined with the ultra combos and so on. By the time Marvel vs. Capcom 2 reached both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network with online capabilities, it was obvious that the fighting came was no longer about competition. It was about "keepaway" tactics and juggling your opponents. This is a method that hardly requires you to know your preffered character's moves because you only have to use one or two moves to win the match. In other cases, all you have to do is sit on the edge of the stage and repeatedly use a move that will pin your opponent. This is where things get complicated, most of the fighting game community seems to side with the keepaway or juggling tactics while there are a few who think its the 'honorable" thing to play with actual knowledge of the characters moves.

If you were to argue with someone on youtube about keepaway, you would probably get a blatant reply like "adapt to keepaway or die!" or maybe "why did they put this in the game?".  So the question still remains, should we adapt to keepaway? Have fighting games changed for good?