Developer Firaxis recently implemented Steam Workshop functionality into its turn-based strategy game, Civilization V. Now players can find all of the free add-ons in one, easy-to-navigate place. Presently, the library contains just over 100 mods. We’ve sifted through and collected the silliest and the most useful entries for you here:

Regiment and Ethnic Diversity modpack (download)
Author: Gedemon

Arguably the best part of any Civilization game is directing a tank unit to run wild on your technologically challenged neighbor’s outgunned swordsman. However, if you’re a detail-oriented person it may drive you crazy that a couple guys with a sword look as big as a tank. I don’t know, maybe France is a nation of giants, but they didn’t average more than 5’7” when I visited.

This mod, known as R.E.D., will bring unit proportions more in line with reality. With modder Gedemon’s R.E.D. active, battles will look more like a tank versus a gaggle of reasonably sized melee units rather than a tank versus basketball giants Yao Ming and Manute Bol.

Westeros map pack (download)
Author: BigDen

Between the HBO show Game of Thrones and the on-going book series, A Song of Ice and Fire is the hottest thing in fantasy right now. If you can’t get enough of the seven kingdoms, then the Steam Workshop’s Westeros map pack will help feed your addiction. Modder BigDen took his time painstakingly recreating the geography of the fictional continent. Although, it would be more believable if it included a few sex scenes.

Lord of the Rings CivPack – Rohan (download)
Author: MidgetMan97

Maybe you think Game of Throne’s Joffrey Baratheon is an inbred tool (you’d be right). Maybe you prefer your fantasy with a little less full-frontal nudity and a little more horse-masters of Rohan. In that case, the Rohan LotR CivPack will quickly become your precious. This is a full in-game civilization with its own leader, Theoden. Unique units include the mounted Rohirrim and the Royal Guard. The Meara Stable replaces the typical stable. I love unleashing the full might of Rohan on typical countries like India and China.

R.E.D. World War II edition (download)
Author: Gedemon

Gedemon, the same guy that created the Regiment and Ethnic Diversity mod, also released this World War II total conversion. The map, the units, and the rules are all different under a total conversion. This WWII expansion features an accurate European map and new mechanics like supply lines and reinforcements that do an admirable job of recreating the great war.

Each national power has its own set of unit models. American Sherman tanks fight against German Panzers rather than two generic models that look identical. Frontline combat allows for units to capture individual tiles. This twist on the typical Civ gameplay more accurately reflects the true back-and-forth of war.

Pastafarianism (download)
Author: Salec

The new Gods & Kings expansion for Civilization V is upon us. Gods & Kings primarily focuses on bringing religion back to the Civ series. Unfortunately, it is missing one of Earth’s most important religious sects: Pastafarianism. The followers of Pastafarianism believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Well, that’s the joke anyhow. The floating noodle deity started as a satire of intelligent design and has since sprouted a full-fledged parody religion of its own.

Modder Salec’s add-on will place Pastafarianism alongside Islam, Christianity, and other belief systems. Nothing beats luring cities from other nations with your cultured civilization of Viking Pastafarians. The Flying Spaghetti Monster provides, man.