We’re waiting with bated breath for Microsoft’s big announcement this afternoon from Milk Studios in Los Angeles, and some newly leaked specifications only add to that anticipation.

A new document touts some technical specs for a tablet device called Xbox Surface, an interesting name that conjures up two of Microsoft’s coolest gadgets and one of its greatest commercial successes.

The Xbox hardly needs an introduction, but Surface is the name of a lesser-known Microsoft product, a huge touchscreen table (not a tablet, but an actual piece of interactive furniture) for multi-user applications, mostly in commercial settings.

The specs popped up today on website shifted2u; we’re contacting our sources at Microsoft now to ask whether the specs are legit.

So far, what we’re seeing from this document is a 7-inch tablet with a 1280 x 720, multi-touch LED display. The gaming tablet will support up to four wireless game controllers and headsets and will have Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. The Xbox Surface will also feature “a custom IBM engine for scale-out workloads,” according to the document.

Here’s the document in its entirety (click to see a slightly larger version):

So far, we’re taking this news with a generous grain of salt. Milk Studios, the chosen location for today’s announcement, has more to do with fashion, film, culture, music, and media than video games; so far, clues about today’s release don’t necessarily point in this direction. But we’re not completely discounting these specs, either; given Microsoft’s blockbuster successes in the gaming arena and its focus on tablet software, this combination makes sense.

Stay tuned for more official details on Microsoft’s big announcement at 3:30 pm Pacific.

Image courtesy of Nomad Soul, Shutterstock