Remember that Steve Jobs comic book? Welp, we got more where that came from.

Bluewater Productions, the team behind Steve Jobs: Co-founder of Apple has just sent us word about a new trio of graphic novels about tech founders. Think of it as fanfic with (probably) less S&M.

The new titles cover the thrilling coming-of-wealth-and-power stories of Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder, and Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who cooked up Google in their spare time lo these many years ago. Also coming out at the end of the year is a graphic novel about Jack Dorsey and his role in Twitter’s founding and early years.

The publisher’s comic book on Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold out last year and is being re-released this summer as a graphic novel, as well.

While the more jaded among us might snicker at the likes of super-serious Dorsey et al. being caricatured in a comic, the biographies are actually drawn from fact and can be instructive for younger readers in particular.

In addition to its meta-nerdery on tech founders, Bluewater also works with folks like William Shatner of Star Trek fame and Vincent Price, a reference all the older goths out there should appreciate.

Bill Gates: The Co-Founder of Microsoft will run you $5.99 for a Kindle version or $7.99 for a hard copy; pricing is the same for “Google” Boys: a Biography.

Here’s a gallery of all five covers and some interior spreads.

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