Summer travel

Who wears short shorts? You do! Because we’re three days past the start of summer, which means schools are out, farmers’ tans are in, and it’s time to go on vacation. Of course, what would Silicon Valley be if there wasn’t an app or two involved?

Apps are meant to serve, inform, and entertain, so it would makes sense that we take them along as a necessity in our carry-ons. HighTable put together an infographic of apps for traveling in the summertime, including those that will help you find a hotel, survive that cross-country road trip, and navigate those new cities. Some are the obvious Pricelines and Kayaks, but there are a few off-the-beaten-top-25-lists that may surprise you.

GateGuru is one of these apps. Its goal is to help you find your way around an airport — especially those you are unfamiliar with. When you open the app, it uses the GPS in your phone to find the nearest airports to you. If yours doesn’t turn up, you can search for it manually. Once you’ve selected your airport, you choose your departing terminal, and the app delivers a list of wait times for various check points (i.e. security, check-in). You can also see various restaurants, shops, or services such as lounges, ATMs, and Wi-Fi hotspots. If only it listed where all the bathrooms are.

So grab a mojito and a sarong and check out the apps in the following infographic. If you’re lucky, maybe you can use one of them to vacation on Larry Ellison’s new island.

Summer Travel Apps

Beach image via Shutterstock

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