Do you ever have those moments where you don’t care how irrevocably senseless something is, you just have to have it? I won’t lie, I’m having one of those moments with these animal-shaped portable speakers. “Zoo Tunes” were unveiled by Impecca ahead of this week’s Lineshows convention in New York, which is basically like CES for people who couldn’t afford the trip to Las Vegas.

What is it about taking something normal and making it resemble a pig that makes it so desirable? I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of lunch money trying to get those little Winnie the Pooh animal figurines out of vending machines. And I’m a 30-year-old man.

Normally this is where we would include a quote from a press release or whatever, but you don’t actually care about that, right? I mean what can they really say that’s going to impress you more than a speaker shaped like a kitten? At this point, you’re either in or you’re out.

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  • Full-range of sound performance.
  • Fun animal and holiday character shapes with tiger, kitten, bear, rabbit, pig, owl, panda, teardrop, and santa themes.
  • Compact and lightweight. 
  • Lets you bring your music everywhere.
  • Powered with 3 AAA batteries (not included) or mini USB cable (included).
  • Total RMS power: 2.0W (1.0Wx2).
  • Amber LED power indication.
  • Power and volume controls.
  • Audio cable wraps around the speaker and clicks in back.
  • 40mm x 2 full-range neodymium drivers.
  • Connects via 3.5mm fixed cable for iPod, iPhone, MP3/MP4 player, cell phone, CD player, or computer.

Zoo Tunes hit retail later this year and will sell for $24.99 at Rite Aid and Toys ‘R’  Us.