At this morning’s Zynga Unleashed event, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus announced that over the last couple of years, social gaming — and his company in particular — has grown tremendously. And he has the stats to back it up. According to Pincus, users:

  • Have spent 1.8 trillion minutes in Zynga’s games over the last three years. That breaks down to 3 billion hours of game time.
  • Have made 6 billion neighbor connections.
  • Deliver 730 million clicks per day to the Zynga Message Center.
  • Create 1 million activities per second across all of Zynga’s games
  • Send 1 million messages to each other (per minute)
  • Play 140,000 turns with each other (per minute)
  • Draw 43,000 pictures in Draw Something (per minute)
  • Play 64,000 words in Words With Friends (per minute)
  • Send 250,000 gifts to their friends (per minute)
  • Play 38,000 hands of poker in Zynga Poker (per minute)

The number of people playing Zynga games is just as astounding:

  • 290 million people are “active users” of Zynga games.
  • 65 million are “daily active users.”
  • More than 22 million are mobile players.
  • People play Zynga games in 175 countries in territories.

The Zynga Platform allows the company to turn in some startling numbers as well, such as:

  • Release about 100 updates to games per day.
  • Release upward to 1,000 features per week.
  • 134 experiments per day in their games (to test new ideas, bugs, etc.)

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the morning.

Source: Zynga