Those of us who follow video games know that a mind-boggling number of people play Zygna titles daily. But the breakdown of player stats shows that the social-game developer not only has a supersized pool of players but likely gobbles up huge hunks of the world’s productivity each day.

Here’s the breakdown for several of Zygna’s most popular games.

Zygna Poker:

  • Has 33.8 million active players (per month). To put this into context: Throw in 4 million more people and you have the population of California in 2010.
  • Has 61 million likes on Facebook. That’s up from 51 million likes from Inside Facebook’s Fall 2011 list of the 25 most-liked Facebook pages. The only page with more likes? Facebook itself.
  • Sees gamers play 55 million hands daily.
  • “Pays out” 16 trillion in chips daily. If each chip represents a dollar, that pays off the U.S. national debt in…less than a day, with a little more than 200 billion chips to spare.

Zynga Slingo:

  • Has seen players make 23 billion spins since its February debut.
  • Has “paid out” more than 2.2 trillion in chips.

Zynga Bingo:

  • Has seen users play 368 million bingo cards since its February debut.
  • Has had 69 million “bingos” called.
  • Has 10 million rounds of bingo played daily.

Bubble Safari:

  • Boasts of more than 6 million daily players.
  • Has seen players pop 115 billion bubbles since its May debut.
  • Has had users share more than 24 million bubbles.
  • Has had 260 million on-fire moments.

Source: Zynga