Los Angeles incubator Science has just made an interesting acquisition — and one that will give all its portfolio companies a huge advantage in getting traffic and revenue from Pinterest.

It’s bought Pinpuff. You’ve probably never heard of it; we hadn’t. Pinpuff was an India-based platform built around Pinterest and its unique blend of interest and influence.

“Pinpuff was one of the first technologies to identify Pinterest’s potential as not only a great place to share, but to motivate users to follow each other,” said Science co-founder Mike Jones in a statement. “The more people unearth great finds, the more likely Pinterest is to drive them beyond the platform to seek out more information or even, ultimately, purchase what they discovered.”

Science’s interest in Pinterest/Pinpuff makes total sense to us. Many of its portfolio companies — e-commerce sites like Wittlebee and alternative marketplaces like Eventup — are the kinds of sites that are ripe for the traffic and revenue boost Pinterest can potentially channel their way. This acquisition was all about bringing a Pinterest expertise into the Science fold, since Science-sponsored startups tend to be low-tech consumer-facing marketplaces.

“We’re seeing first hand the magnitude of Pinterest at our own Science companies,” said Jones. “Pinterest is the second highest referral network for sales within Science companies, and Pinterest influencers are critical now to nearly any launch in the consumer product space.”

Along with Science mentors’ existing expertise, Jones concluded, “We believe Pinpuff will be a great addition to the Science family, and provide additional intelligence and distribution strategy to upcoming Science launches.”