bubble safari multiplayer demo

At this morning’s Zynga Unleashed event, Zynga announced that its new social multiplayer platform, Zynga With Friends, will feature live synchronous multiplayer, starting with the web version of Bubble Safari. This will be accessed across all platforms and devices currently supporting Zynga games, and all it will take is just one or two clicks to get into a game.

Every player and their statistics will be synced in almost real time, something no other platform has done: Leaderboards are constantly updated with top scores across Zynga.com, and you can instantly find friends who are currently playing online or choose to play with strangers.

In addition, Zygna announced a few new features it’s implementing in Zynga With Friends:

  • Live social stream: 70 percent of players are engaged daily, with 250 million clicks a day between people who have never met before; you can also see the handles of everyone who’s ever helped you in a game before
  • User profiles: store lifetime records and scores in all the games you’ve played
  • A unified lobby: Everything you need to play is there, including ¬†friends, games, and chats all in one place; you can access this from any device

Zynga general manager Manuel Bronstein¬†says that Zynga With Friends is a “platform for invention,” something that is “best” for all players and developers. The new social features will be rolling out “soon.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Zynga Unleashed throughout the morning.