Making your own map application, eh, Apple? Well, one Google executive says you can’t keep it off iOS for long.

“We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS,” said Google senior vice president of commerce and local Jeff Huber in a comment on his Google+ page.

Apple recently announced it was ditching Google Maps for its own maps software based on Open Street Maps’ data. Open Street Maps collects and stores location data that anyone can use to create location-oriented apps. For instance, Skobbler uses Open Street Maps to create a mobile GPS navigator.

Apple showed off the home-grown maps app at its WWDC developer conference earlier this month. It will be releasing the app with iOS 6 later this fall. The app is said to have turn-by-turn navigation, up-to-date local listings, 3-D imaging, and obviously Siri integration for a personal driving assistant. It will also soon include traffic data and provides data for the entire world. It was also long expected that Apple would include 3-D imaging in the app, given that the company purchased 3D-imaging company C3 Technologies. C3 Technologies specifically focuses on 3-D mapping.

Google recently announced new updates to its map app as well, including offline mapping and new Street View images captured by a new set of wearable Street View cameras. Google will undoubtedly submit Google Maps as an app in the iOS app store.

hat tip Wired; Google Maps pin image via Jennifer Van Grove/VentureBeat

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