Springpad, a digital notebook that lets you collect content online (like popular pinboard site Pinterest) and organize it in a meaningful way (like Evernote), announced new Facebook integration features today that will make sharing interests easier than ever for its 3 million users.

Users can now import Facebook “likes” into Springpad notebooks. The app already separates your collected items into categories like movies, music, bars, and recipes, and it will categorize and share your “likes” in the same way. With the new features, “likes” are more than a simple expression of goodwill, but rather a testament to your unique tastes and interests. Followers and friends can reference the things you like as a decision making and discovery tool.

“Facebook ‘likes’ can be valuable for people seeking recommendations from friends who share similar interests, but today they’re not discoverable,” said Jeff Chow, CEO and cofounder of Springpad.

The new Facebook integration allows new users to automatically import their “likes” into the app, which are then categorized into notebooks. Springpad enhances the “likes” by supplementing them with actionable information, like Rotten Tomato movie reviews, maps, and OpenTable reservation links. Users will also be able to post notebooks to their Facebook timelines if they choose.

Springpad was launched in 2008 and challenged Evernote as the go-to digital notebook app. The 3.0 version that launched in April added “Explore” and “Following” tabs so people could share their notebooks, evolving the product in a more social direction. The redesign also created greater visual and conceptual similarities with Pinterest. Springpad is based in Boston, MA, and has raised $5 million to date.