I sincerely hope Dishonored's possession mechanic doesn't wind up bandwagon fodder. I don't want the option to jump behind the eyeballs of a fish in the next Deus Ex or Splinter Cell.

Video Blips:

• This Dishonored walkthrough trailer probably constitutes the first "stealth-gasm" I've had in a long time. TMI? Too bad — stealth fans have needs lilke everyone else!

Continue after the break for one gamer's enthusiastic preparation for Death Rally and the Olympics' enduring spirit of competition in London 2012.


• When it comes to the digital barbarism of online bidding, staying optimistic wins the day, as this helmeted Death Rally gamer shows. Funny, I don the same get-up for bathroom breaks. Porcelain turns on you when cornered.

• Push your athletes to their limits as you go for the gold in the London 2012 Summer Olympics. This game's sweat-gloss technology is light-years ahead of everyone else.

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