Welcome sign from Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer map Nuketown

One of the smallest maps in Call of Duty history is also one of its most popular: Nuketown from Call of Duty: Black Ops. So the maps’ fans should be pleased by the announcement from Black Ops developer Treyarch that it’s updating the map, redubbing it “Nuketown 2025,” and making it a preorder bonus for its upcoming Black Ops II.

“[Nuketown 2025] is a limited-time offer, so if you don’t get a preorder copy, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have access to this map,” Activision’s official blogger, Dan Amrich, says in an update on his site.

The downloadable content will not be exclusive to any specific retailer. Everyone who preorders the next Call of Duty receives a redeemable code for Nuketown 2025 in the case with their copy of the game. Amrich also notes that the data for the map is not already on the disc, as has been the case with recent DLC from Capcom and other publishers.

Nuketown is one of the smallest multiplayer maps in the history of the Call of Duty series. It’s set in a U.S. nuclear-testing site that the designers arranged to look like a typical American suburb. The stage was so popular with fans that Treyarch built a “Nuketown 24/7” playlist that featured only that map on repeat.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the fifth game in the series developed by Treyarch. Activision plans to release it across most major platforms on November 13.

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