Normally, the Scout wants nothing to do with the Spy during Team Fortress 2's chaotic scrambles for the intelligence within its Capture the Flag maps. That rather unflattering business with Scout's mother left a lasting grudge, after all. Of course, all it takes is one skilled machinima director to show the other side of the dented baseball bat.

One year in the making and crafted with a kind of love instantly recognizable by TF2 fans, "Meet the Family" demonstrates the exemplary videography skills flexed by accomplished crafters. Released in celebration of the debut of the Source Filmmaker — the same set of video editing tools used by Valve when forging the "Meet the" series — "Meet the Family" truly shows off the attention to quality and dedication a gaming community achieves even without the aid of official tools.

Enjoy "Meet the Family" below, and also check out some equally impressive alternatives.

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