Playdead's Limbo Special Edition

Copenhagen-based developer Playdead announced the U.S. release of a boxed edition of 2010’s unsettling 2D puzzle-platformer Limbo today.

The new set, which was previously only available on, costs $24.99 and includes DRM-free copies of Limbo for PC and Mac, a soundtrack, art cards, a sticker shaped like the main character’s head, and 3D glasses so you can really immerse yourself in the creeping terror  (or cosplay as that one goon from Back to the Future).

Limbo tells the story of a young boy’s journey through a nightmarish monochromatic wasteland as he searches for his sister(?). Along the way, he faces deadly traps, challenging physics-based puzzles, and a terrifying giant spider. The title has sold over a million copies on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam since its release, and it was part of the most recent — and most successful — incarnation of the pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle.

You can purchase the new version here.