One of the most beloved applciations on Windows, OSX, and Linux  is now making its home on Android.

VLC, the open source project developed by the VideoLan Project, is now available as a beta on Google Play. VLC is known for its ability play just about every audio and video format under the sun. Predictably, the Android version includes that feature, plus bonuses like subtitles support, gesture control, and the ability to play network streams.

VLC is one of many popular desktop apps that have made their way to Android in recent days. As Android contiunes its upwards surge, the kings of the PC are being forced to stake their claims in the mobile space as well.

There are, however, a few hold ups with VLC’s effort. First, the version that’s up on Google Play is a a beta, which means that it’s unstable and, according to the VideoLan Project, slower than the final version.

It also means that the app only supports a handful of devices. As of launch, it is available only on newer devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC Desire, and the HTC One X.

In spite of this limited support, VLC for Android has already been fairly popular. Users have submitted over 400 reviews of the app so far, and many of them have been glowing. Despite its beta status, some have already called it the best video player app on Android. They may be right, but let’s hold the accolades until the app reaches its final version.

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