Rebecca Grant and Jason Wilson of VentureBeat

VentureBeat is picking up steam. In the past year, our audience has more than doubled, while our edit staff has almost doubled. We’ve broken some kick-ass stories. We’ve redesigned our website.

And now, we’re adding even more talent to our roster of hard-working writers and editors.

Above: Christina Farr

Christina Farr joins us this week as a writer covering enterprise technology, the cloud, and the San Francisco-area startup scene. Prior to joining VB, she worked in public relations in Silicon Valley for nine months, and she’s also done an impressive range of freelance work for a variety of publications. She first started writing for VentureBeat as a freelancer earlier this year (and yes, it’s unusual for someone working in PR to moonlight as a freelancer, but she stayed away from topics related to her clients). Farr stood out by writing deeply-reported features and by her willingness to call up sources for comment at any hour.

Above: John Koetsier

John Koetsier also joined our ranks last week. He’s based in Vancouver, where he’s had a successful career as a website developer, app developer, product manager, and marketing expert. He started writing for us as a freelancer a couple months ago, and quickly blew us away with his enthusiasm and his ability to take a strong position and argue it forcefully. John will be covering a wide variety of topics for VentureBeat.

Jason Wilson (pictured at the top, right) joins us as a copy editor, focused on GamesBeat. Jason has a rich career as an editor working at GamePro magazine and at Ziff Davis, where he worked on Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, and other legendary titles. He also worked at Bitmob, which VentureBeat recently acquired. We’re in the process of integrating Bitmob’s talented and passionate community into our games site, GamesBeat. Jason’s skills will be indispensible in helping maintain the quality for which VentureBeat, GamesBeat, and Bitmob are known.

And we’ve added a new editorial assistant/intern: Rebecca Grant (also in the top photo). Rebecca was most recently a community editor at San Francisco-based startup Pinchit, and has worked at Zynga as well as doing a stint as an intern at Washingtonian Magazine. She’s also a former Peace Corps volunteer.

As the head of this news team, I’m a little biased. But I’ll just say it: We have a kick-ass corps of reporters and editors at VentureBeat, with these news additions as well as the old veterans. I’m looking forward to seeing all the news they break in the coming year.