Diablo III Hell of a Job

Job interviews are stressful and formal affairs. If only we could show how qualified we are for a position while staying in the comfort of our homes. Hell, if we’re going to get crazy, it would be really cool if we could interview inside of the popular action role-playing game Diablo III. But that would be silly.

Oh, wait. Israeli adverting company Bauman Ber Rivnai Saatchi & Saatchi is actually doing actually doing this. Yup, you could interview for a programming position by playing Diablo III.

“Yossi Lubaton, the agency’s CEO, and a Level 60 Barbarian, will be waiting for worthy candidates who will rise up to the challenge,”  said BBR Saatchi & Saatchi in an e-mail sent to VentureBeat. “They will play alongside Lubaton’s character in some of the toughest multiplayer missions the game has to offer. During the mission, the candidates will be asked a series of personal and professional question, and will also be judged by their game skills: fast reaction time, creative thinking and teamwork.”

But that’s not all! One lucky interviewee will receive Warmonger, a rare Diablo III sword, and 1 million in-game gold coins! Oh, and a job or something. All they’re missing is a free trip to Space Camp!

The details are also in the video below, which is only missing a monster truck rally announcer screaming, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”