It’s been a big news week for us, but not because of tech leaders. Rather, it’s the science community that’s been keeping us on our toes lately.

This week, just before Independence Day, the eggheads at CERN accidentally posted then deleted a video interview saying the Higgs boson had probably been found. While the video itself was a snafu, CERN made its big announcement July 4th — it had, indeed, observed the Higgs boson (or something that was most likely the Higgs boson).

Then, researchers for NASA one-upped that by announcing they had discovered portals linking the magnetic fields of our humble planet and the fiery ball of gas we call our sun. Y’all, I think we just solved Earth’s pollution problem and¬†found a new business opportunity for some enterprising billionaire (looking at Mssrs. Musk and Branson): Wormhole-traveling garbage trucks to the sun. Think about it.

In tech news, Amazon made headlines, but not in the way it might have liked. A significant cloud outage brought down the favorite services of webizens and normal folks alike, from Pinterest and Instagram to Netflix. And believe me, you do not want to take away this lady’s Netflix on a Friday night. Also, at least one Amazon customer hit the road, Jack, after the outage.

Be excellent to each other, Earthings, and we’ll see y’all next week.