Video Blips:

• Developer Io Interactive tactfully explains the evil Saints' rather unsubtle fashion tastes in Hitman: Absolution. Whether you're embroiled in the hot-topic discussion of female portrayals in games or not, one fact remains: Nobody — not even assassin nuns — ruins Agent 47's day.

Continue after the break for the spacey, 4X forage for valuable dust in Endless Space and an earnest overview of Worms Revolution's refreshed level design.


• An escape from imperial tyranny leads colonists into a galactic hunt for resources and territory in Endless Space. For impatient schlubs like me, enjoy the colorful explosions and pew-pew lasers. For everyone else, this looks like an engrossingly strategic adventure.

• The Worms franchise wormed into my heart many years ago, but developer Team17 still manages to take advantage of beefier hardware alongside a classic gameplay design. I'd probably meet just as much trouble keeping a suitable poker face if my interviewer sounded like Mickey Mouse kicked in the balls.