50 Games in 2012 – #3 Saints Row III [ PS3] (Completed January 30th)

Saints Row and over the top go hand in hand.

Thanks to a Boxing day buying spree my library of games was full of titles to choose from heading into my 3rd title of the year. Having played a puzzle fps and puzzle platformer I was still looking for an outside the box gaming experience and Saints Row stuck out as a sore thumb choice to continue. Up until this year I've never touched a Saints Row title but with the positive reviews the game got in the fall I decided it was finally time to try out GTA's zany cousin. Having a soft spot for sandbox games I decided to take Saints Row for a spin and in return I was treated to great time.

One of the greatest features about Saints Row III I felt right out of the gate was it's inherent ability to make you feel like a bad ass. Whether your skydiving out of an exploding airplane or parachuting onto a penthouse roof guns blazing Saints Row makes sure that your in for a ride. This is largely why Saints Row III main story shines as the game will give you insane missions to accomplish that truly feel unique and fun. Mix these Michael Bay action sequences with over the top tongue and cheek humour in an open world and you start to grasp what Saints Row III is all about.

Being a sandbox game I misconceived Saints Row to be a GTA equivalent but it really differs itself greatly in it's own charming way. Saints Row pays homage to GTA but where it differs is in how the whole city of Steelport feels. With an open world to explore, missions and activities are abundant if not at some times repetitive. The game will offer you ample opportunity to roam the city in search of things to do. With Stores, side missions and rival gangs to take down you won't find yourself wanting if your looking for more content outside the main story.

When it comes to gameplay Saints Row delivers good solid fun with easy to learn controls and outrageous weapons (see photo). The main story will run you around 10 hours but with an open world, co-op play and side missions the game holds enough replay-ability and fun to keep you coming back for more. Whether roaming the sand box or playing the story Saints Row III delivers mindless fun that few games try and it works.

Game Summary:

Date Finished: 1/30 | Saints Row III (PS3)

Pros: Loose story with fun missions tied into a zany experience.

Cons: Lacks polish and main story suffers from pacing issues.

Conclusion: It doesn't take itself seriously and that's the best part about it. Overall fun game.