The Agency

If you dream of playing video games against celebrities, then you’ll be happy to know your wish can now come true…as long as you have a pretty loose definition of “celebrity.”

Face the Fans is a new site where players can potentially compete against the stars in web-based games. Right now, its only game is The Agency, appropriately a talent agency simulation.

Selected players got to participate in a private launch of the service, where they played The Agency against Tribble Reese, a “star” of the reality dating show Sweet Home Alabama.

”It was exciting to play a game with cool people who like my work, even though I got my butt kicked,” a press release quoted Reese.  “Face The Fans made it really simple to interact with everyone in The Agency, which was actually a little addicting!”

“Incredibly, our average user engagement is more than 128 minutes a month, which is comparable to Tumblr or Pinterest,” said Face the Fans chief executive Dean Gebert in the release.

The next Celebrity Challenge takes place July 11 and features Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas from the ’90s pop group TLC. The site plans to launch four more games and apps by the end of the year.