Social media marketing company Fetch Plus has closed $720,000 in seed financing. Fetch raised this round just two months after completing the JFDI-Innov8 Bootcamp and is the first company out of the program to announce follow-up funding since the May 4 demo day. is one of Fetch Plus’ social media marketing tools. It helps hundreds of franchised brands worldwide create consistent social profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The platform targets companies that need to maintain specific brand guidelines across multiple businesses or locations, while also empowering local franchises to adapt the messaging to their individual markets.

Companies that use FetchFans can centrally make campaign changes across their entire social media portfolio and uphold compliance with brand messaging. However, the franchises are able to modify the brand pages to accommodate different markets and new promotions. Fetch also provides analytical information and statistics to help brands review and compare the effectiveness of their various marketing campaigns, as well as tailor those campaigns to regional needs.

Since graduating from JFDI, FetchFans secured major customers in the real estate sector, including Keller Williams Realty International and Berkshire Property Advisors, as well as media conglomerate Singapore Press Holdings Magazines. JFDI-Innov8 is an Asia-based startup accelerator that gives 50 entrepreneurs from around the world 100 days to create prototype digital businesses and pitch their products to investors.

Fetch also participated in DEMO 2011 when it was still a fledgling company and looking to gauge interest in the model from the tech community. It is based in Singapore and was founded in 2010.