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European digital distribution service Green Man Gaming announced today a merger with the Playfire gaming social network that tracks gameplay stats and offers achievements and badges for in-game accomplishments.

The latest challenge to Steam’s dominance throws more social features and used-game sales at the digital-distribution juggernaut.

Launched in May 2010, Green Man Gaming provides a library of downloadable games from a variety of developers and publishers, a service similar to competitors such as Steam, Origin, and Good Old Games. Customers can trade previously purchased titles for credit used on later downloads, a feat possible via GMG disabling a game’s online activation code before reselling it as a “preowned” product.

Green Man Gaming managing director Paul Sulyok called the merger “a sound fit that deepens our relationship with gamers and prepares the business for its next stage of growth.”

Over 1 million players signed up on Playfire’s website since its launch in March 2008. Users attach their Steam, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 accounts to their Playfire profile, allowing friends to observe and share their progress.