Yahoo’s previously announced Genome ad product has now gone live, and it promises to empower companies with more accurate audience data and analytics.

Announced at Internet Week New York in mid-May, Genome is based on analysis software from Interclick, which Yahoo acquired  in Nov. 2011 for $270 million. Interclick’s self-service audience recommendation application has been revamped and better integrated with Yahoo’s data.

With Genome, companies looking for more specific audience data can have that combined with Yahoo’s own data, including user searches and account registrations. The company says the app will help companies “understand consumer needs, anticipate audiences’ future performance, and enable you to develop efficient media buys.” It also taps into “big data” to provide all kinds of crazy number-crunching.

“Genome eats Big Data for lunch — literally,” Yahoo wrote in a blog post today. “It takes in more data from more sources than other solutions, then analyzes and decodes it to create multidimensional views of customers that help define the best target audiences for ad campaigns. To connect marketers with those cherry-picked consumers, Genome offers access to Yahoo!’s massive premium inventory, our AOL and Microsoft ad partnership, and comScore’s Top 1,000 publishers.”

Photo credit: Internet Week New York/Flickr