Maybe you didn’t see Romney’s iAd. Or perhaps you’re just not impressed with the Republican candidate’s perfectly coiffed hair. Either way, if you own a smartphone, you’re close to twice as likely to support Obama as you are to support Romney.

Above: Mitt Romney

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At least, that’s what mobile marketing company Velti’s recent survey says. Half of smartphone owners are planning to vote for President Barack Obama, while only 31 percent want change in the country’s top elected office.

The survey’s numbers are significant because traditional polls are showing Romney with a slight lead, meaning that there’s something different enough about smartphone owners to skew opinion precisely in the opposite direction. However, traditional polls are conducted by phone, according to Velti, and that likely skews to landlines, which might affect the results.

Velti chief marketing officer Krishna Subramanian believes that this is a major new development:

“The results of this survey demonstrate that the smartphone market is becoming a whole new demographic that candidates must take into consideration when building a comprehensive campaign strategy,” he said in a statement.

Above: Barack Obama

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The effect was more obvious when researchers isolated for younger smartphone users, and even more pronounced in young female smartphone owners, who are planning to vote Obama at the 60 percent level.

An interesting development for platform-war devotees?

There’s no significant difference in either candidate’s camp when it comes to the choice between iPhone and Android. In other words, Obama supporters are basically as likely to carry an iDevice as a phone from the little green robot … and the same holds true for Romney voters.

Apple appears to have grown so large that its traditionally democratic skew is not longer visible. As a representative for Velti told us:

“I think what this survey shows is that the iPhone user base has gotten so large, it really doesn’t skew at all. It’s a great big iPhone world out there that isn’t confined to the limousine liberals as we might have assumed.”

As for the rest of the smartphone owners — the 20 percent who are currently undecided?

They’re probably waiting for Sergey Brin or the ghost of Steve Jobs to join the race.

Here’s the infographic: