Reddit Alien

Reddit has lifted its ban on popular news publication The Atlantic, thus allowing its users to submit links to the community news sharing site once again.

The news publication  — along with BusinessWeek,, GlobalPost, Discovery News, ScienceDaily, and others — was first put on a domain blacklist by Reddit about a month ago, as VentureBeat previously reported. Reddit management determined that these sites were guilty of artificially promoting their content on the site. Reddit works by allowing users to submit links from around the web, which other users then vote on. The most popular content rises to the top, often sending a ridiculous amount of traffic to the website where the content is hosted. However, sites like The Atlantic had participated in organized spamming that not only got its content submitted to Reddit, but also helped game the voting system.

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin deemed this practice “cheating” and added a handful of domains to the blacklist to send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated. But as he told VentureBeat previously, the bans were never intended to be permanent.

Reddit removed The Atlantic from the blacklist about 10 days ago, according to The Daily Dot’s Kevin Morris, who first noticed that the publication was no longer banished. BusinessWeek and Discovery News were given a reprieve just days after the Reddit ban hammer came down, but science news publications ScienceDaily and (as well as GlobalPost) remain blacklisted for the time being.

Photo via ForeverGeek