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It’s the Ross and Rachel of mobile partnerships.

Tapjoy, an advertising and monetization platform for mobile devices, is partnering with Kontagent, an analytics provider for app developers, in a move that could usher in “new products and services” for the mobile industry.

Tapjoy reaches users on over 600 million devices, driving them to possibly learn about a variety of applications and advertisements through a virtual rewards system.

“We know that it’s becoming more difficult to monetize users in the increasingly competitive mobile economy,” said Tapjoy CEO Mihir Shah in a press release. “That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Kontagent to be able to provide more solutions to help developers improve user acquisition, retention, and monetization — and ultimately improve their bottom lines.”

Founded in 2007, the San Francisco-based Kontagent tracks more than 1,000 applications and 150 million users. Earlier this year, the company released its kSuite DataMine platform that enables customers to engage and monetize their users more efficiently. Kontagent also tracks aggregate market data, such as the shift in consumer tastes toward social casino games on Facebook.

“We’ve developed a best-in-class analytics offering for the biggest names in the [mobile] space,” said Jeff Tseng, the CEO of Kontagent, “and with this partnership, we look forward to continuing to build innovative new solutions for our customers.”

Shah and Kontagent President Josh Williams will be speaking at GamesBeat 2012 later today in a monetization panel entitled, “Overcoming Hurdles in Monetization, Distribution, and Discovery.”