50 Games in 2012 – #4 Rayman Origins [PS3] (Completed January 31st)

Gaming is a hobby that I take every opportunity to enjoy in my spare time. Most of my gaming experiences are solo where I explore a games Single player story. Whenever a game gives me an opportunity to play co-op though my younger brother and I jump at the chance to play it. Starting out in early January we opened up a copy of Rayman Origins and set out to complete the single player story. Although the experience was spread out over a month Rayman Origins proved to be quite entertaining. Rayman Origins represented a very classic platforming style adventure which more often then not these days is represented in XBLA or PSN downloads. At it's retail price tag Rayman Origins was well worth the investment and surely has set the franchise back on track after some casual Rayman Rabbid spin-off's.

The best place to start with in Rayman Origins is describing the art design. This game looks absolutely stunning and the awe for the largely different level designs does not wane as the story moves forward. In Rayman Origins your giving a story line of angering an old hermit lady with your snoring and butt scratching. The game has no deep background or objective but that's completely fine as it delivers character charm and lovable quirkiness that will keep you guffawing throughout the game . Rayman Origins not only looks beautiful but also runs like a dream. Some of the levels you platform through are flashing by similar to classic sonic levels yet rarely do you feel left behind in control or are unaware of what's going on.

Rayman Origins nails entertainment as throughout your game journey. The game constantly giving new locales, enemies and abilities to use. Not only does this make the game fresh throughout it also makes it a blast to play through. Each level is different in it's own but holds the same objective of reaching the finish. Your tasked with collecting electoons which reward you with medallions at the end of each level. These medallions are then used to open up new worlds. This process is continued as you play through the 66 levels the game has to offer. Replay-ability in the title is huge as well as the game offers you trophies for Speed runs and collecting all medallions in a level. Rayman Origins runs you around 10 hours on a single play through. Playing alone is still a fun experience as I tried a couple hours that way but the real fun comes with a buddy. Having four player's on screen can become a bit too hectic for your senses but two players mixed the balance of interaction entertainment and level co-operation perfectly.

Rayman Origins isn't revolutionary in it's 2D platforming style. In return the games gives you an entertaining and incredibly polished adventure that you won't want to miss.

Game Summary:

Date Finished: 1/31 | Rayman: Origins (PS3)

Pros: Beautiful level designs mixed with amazing 2D platforming in a fun story.

Cons: Boss battles lacked difficulty.

Conclusion: Rayman Origins turns out to be an exciting adventure that you will want share with friends and family.