The GamesBeat 2012 conference called on speakers from the hottest mobile, social, PC, and console companies to debate new ways to stay on pace with changing consumer tastes and platforms. The game industry is in transition, and keeping up with the times means companies have to explore new ways to reach consumers and branch out into new markets.

This is a handy roundup of the great content produced during GamesBeat 2012.

The road ahead in gaming: Welcome to the Crossover Era

Seamus Blackley marries “geriatric” and young game designers to build arcade mobile games

Even Will Wright’s PowerPoint slides are fascinating

Raptr and Kiip mine game rewards for new business models

Social gaming startup Akamon claims top prize in our ‘Who’s Got Game’ competition

Design guru Yves Béhar dishes on the Ouya console (video interview)

Rising costs of marketing iPhone games scares developers

Ouya designer Yves Béhar’s dream: Reboot the console world (exclusive)

Kickstarter gives game developers control over their destinies

Electronic Arts envisions a future free of platform shackles

Mobile industry bigwigs Tapjoy and Kontagent form partnership (exclusive)

Ouya founder: ‘We never anticipated that it would blow up like this.’ (exclusive interview)

Indie devs: Quality content trumps following trends, free-to-play ‘is kind of a slum’

Legendary game exec Bing Gordon on epic poems, the golden age of gaming, and Xbox as a platform

Game pioneer Will Wright wants to make games ‘as personal as our dreams’

Gaming investors say the iPad will be this generation’s console

Zynga’s Mark Pincus says focus more on content, less on investing in platforms

Dean Takahashi’s opening comments for GamesBeat 2012