Gearbox Software released a new trailer for Borderlands 2. I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited about this game so I've watched the trailer several times. I may as well break it down. Here's a link so you can follow along:

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The whole trailer is set to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" which is a pretty good choice for a sequel to a game that is filled with deadly predators, and never took itself too seriously. The opening of the trailer focuses on one of the new wilderness areas of Pandora (the planet Borderlands 2 is set on), and the four playable characters of the game. We get our first bit battle dialog from Zer0, the game's assassin character; "I have destroyed you. A deadly Shot from nowhere." Next we see a couple new enemy types, there's a bandit riding a skag and a midget psyco riding one of the Brutes from the first game.

Then we get a cinematic view of each character's action skill; we see Salvador, the Gunzerker, dual wielding, Maya, the Siren, "Phaselocks" an enemy, Axton, the commando, deploys two of his turrets, and Zer0, the assassin, distracts an an enemy and kills it. Since it's a cinematic, it's unclear if these are accurate depictions of how the skills will work in-game. Axton's in particular seems a bit overpowered unless it's one of the final levels of his skill tree, but they all look pretty cool, if you ask me. Next we see a train station and get a glimpse of a couple of the buggy vehicles from the first game nothing super exciting. 

The music and setting of the trailer briefly switches to a more futuristic, industrial feel, and begins to focus more on game-play footage. We see a lot of the new mechanical Loader enemy types getting blown to pieces and some new flying mechanical enemies make an appearance. The Wimoweh music kicks back in for the final part of the trailer where we get to see some of the NPCs from the game along with more enemy types. We see Lilith, the siren from the first game, who seems to have acquired some new powers. We see one of the new Nomad enemies with bandits strapped to his shield, and the way the animators make the poor unlucky bandits heads bob to the music just makes for some good demented fun.
Lastly we see two of the new NPCs dispatching some bandits in particularly gruesome ways. One bandit gets killed in a trash compacter buy a NPC who's name I haven't been able to find anywhere, and Tiny Tina ties one to a stake and blows him up. And no Borderlands content would be complete without an appearance from the game's robot mascot, Claptrap, who closes the trailer rolling across the wilderness singing along to the music, adorable. 
I've already pre-ordered the game but if I hadn't this trailer definitely would make me want to. Well done Gearbox!